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This comic does not feature on a lgbt romance but the tell the main character is gay and the plot revolves around Bitty 8767 s life and his adapting from former junior ice figure skating champion to hocker player when he enroll in college.

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Hi there if your still looking to add to your lgbt comic list there a new one on smack jeeves called Monster Problems that really good

Hi, this is a great list 🙂
8775 Lost in the snow 8776 is my Yaoi/gay porn webcomic (for adult only). If you don 8767 t mind to add it to the list:

http:///page/75 (a kinda asshole-ish (but cute) dude starts growing wings and his neighbor (also cute) helps him figure it out- they just kissed in the recent update :8c also cute lesbian bestfriend)

I found out my boy Jay Donahue has the bladder the size of a watermelon I told him he needed to come make a vid for my site.

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