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:Ice Age: Continental Drift: Ray Romano, Denis

De Seve admits “I wish I could say we intended to do that! I wish I could say that was my thinking but I just wanted to do a prehistoric squirrel that would be fun to watch.”

Ice Age (2002) - IMDb

“He’s pretty important!” laughed Chris Wedge when asked this March. “Scrat’s pretty important. The Scrat was born of necessity.” The necessity, we assume, of winning over the public with your studio’s first animated feature when you’re up against Pixar, DreamWorks and Disney.

:Ice Age (Single-Disc Edition): Denis Leary

That night, while settling down by campfire, Diego begins to see the error of his ways in betraying Manny. After the others fall asleep, Scrat appears on the scene with his acorn, planning to thaw it from the ice, baking it instead by mistake into a hot kernel. The group continued on, reaching Half Peak, where Diego, feeling remorse for betraying Manny’s trust, confesses his plans to Manny, which angers the mammoth. Manny pins Diego to a rock wall, intending to kill him for his misdeeds, but Diego, having had a change of heart, agrees to help Manny escape the pack.

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These films are generally good at being good enough, and the fourth installment, Ice Age: Continental Drift, doesn't deviate from that modest tradition.

“Peter de Seve created a whole array of our characters. His whole wall in his office when we were doing the first Ice Age was all these different characters and Chris Wedge would go in saying ‘I want that one, I want that one…’ We all walked into Peter’s office and we saw this Scrat, just the way he’s posed, and we said ‘oh my gosh, he has to be in this movie, I mean a pre-historic squirrel, a sabre-tooth squirrel, he just had to be a part of our movie.’

Sid is a ground sloth shown in all three films as one of the main protagonists and he's back in the upcoming movie Ice Age: Continental Drift!

Ice Age was released on March 65, 7557 [6] as a computer-animated fantasy-comedy adventure film directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha. It is the first of four films released in the Ice Age series , made by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 75th Century Fox.

The reason Scrat was peeled off that foot and resurrected all came down to his appearance in the first Ice Age movie trailer. Featuring no dialogue or music until the appearance of the Ray Romano-voiced mammoth Manny and a snatch of Vanilla Ice right at the end, the two-minute teaser had the feel of a Looney Tunes Wile E Coyote toon. It opened with a bouncing dot against a snowy horizon that was revealed by a to be an anxious-looking rodent carrying a fat acorn. This creature, sniffing the air with a twitching nose and scrabbling in the snow for somewhere to bury his prize, unwittingly brings about a geological disaster and suffers extreme physical punishment in the process (feat. screaming noises provided by Chris Wedge). It was short, distinctive and very funny.

To mark that, will Scrat’s persistence finally be rewarded? Is there a chance that the studio will grant their unofficial mascot a single celebratory acorn?