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Honda Motorcycle Manuals 1980 to Now - Classic Cycles

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Transporting Your Motorcycle Transporting Your After removing your motorcycle from storage, inspect all maintenance items required by the Motorcycle Maintenance Schedule. If your motorcycle needs to be transported, it should be carried on a motorcycle trailer or a flatbed truck or trailer that has a loading ramp or lifting platform, and motorcycle tie-down straps.

7/8 Pair 41MM Fork Clipons Handlebars Handle Bar CNC

Serial Numbers Serial Numbers The frame and engine serial numbers uniquely identify your motorcycle and are required in order to register your motorcycle. They may also be required when ordering replacement parts. The frame number is stamped on the right side of the steering head.

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PPMP takes pleasure in offering the BITUBO range of premium nitrogen charged twin shocks to suit a large range of bikes for the rider who wants better for their bike. These shocks have been manufactured to the correct length, spring rate & internal damping to suit a particular bike. They are not a generic type where one shock will suit a large variety of models & even makes.

Motorcycle Safety This section contains important information for safe riding of your motorcycle. Please read this section to ensure rider and passenger safety. Safety Guidelines...P. 8 Image Labels....P. 6 Safety Precautions....P. 66 Riding Precautions....P. 67 Accessories & Modifications..P. 66 Loading....P.

Warning Indicators On or Flashing ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Indicator (NC755XA) ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) If the ABS indicator stays on, your brakes will continue to work as a conventional system, Indicator (NC755XA) but without the anti-locking function. If the indicator operates in one of the The ABS indicator may flash if you turn the following ways, you may have a serious rear wheel while your motorcycle is lifted off.

Honda or make modifications to your motorcycle from its Follow all instructions in this owner x7569 s original design. Doing so can make it unsafe.

Shifting Gears Your motorcycle transmission has six forward gears in a one-down, five-up shift pattern. If you put the motorcycle in gear with the side stand down, the engine will shut off.

Electrical Trouble Blown Fuse x7759 Main Fuse 9. Pull the main fuse out with the fuse puller in the tool kit and check for a blown fuse. Wire connector Always replace a blown fuse with a spare of the same rating. Spare main fuse is provided in the starter magnetic switch.

Troubleshooting Engine Will Not Start Fuel Gauge Failure Indication...P. 87 (HISS indicator stays on)..P. 78 Tyre Puncture....P. 88 Overheating Electrical Trouble....P. 95 (High coolant temperature Battery Goes Dead....P. 95 indicator is on)... P. 79 Burned-out Light Bulb...P. 95 Warning Indicators On or Flashing..

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Cr-Si Alloy steel linear springs. The ergal upper cap offers 65mm spring preload adjustment. The upper caps are red in all cases except but for Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton & Scrambler where optional black caps are available. The hydraulic group is in a Nitrogen pressurized cartridge with larger pistons offering double effect damping. The kit is provided with high sliding Synt FUCHS-Silkolene oil for external lubrication. This product can be fully re-built.

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