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Many thanks for the information Venkataraman ! I agree with AK that this can be better addressed by a pointed approach to the right people, as it is clearly an oversight. I join you and all in SoY family, in wishing her a Very Happy Birthday and shall endeavour to seek due recognition for her by writing to media channels and newspapers highlighting her work. I am sure AK you will permit reference of this blog which will be very enlightening, as most her hit/popular songs are assumed to be Lata 8767 s.

List Of Mohd Rafi''s Songs: songs of mohd rafi

For those who may still be looking for 8775 Chali jaye jeevan ki gari 8776 (post #698), here is the link : https:///watch?v=kA9fpehjXzE

Suman Kalyanpur outshines Lata Mangeshkar | Songs Of Yore

As he mentioned in his comment the MD 8767 s name is 8766 RAMLAL HEERAPANNA 8767 !!! First time heard name ! How many such obscure names are still hidden in history ? Thanx to YT for resusciting such completely lost names. http:///watch?v=8lN99la9Bkc

Allah karam karna from Dada (Usha Khanna Music) and Meri Kaali kaluti ke nakhare bade (Apne rang hazar) Laxmi pyare,s music.

You make an interesting point about 8766 Brahma 8767 and 8766 Bramha 8767 . I never gave a thought to it, nor would have ever noticed it. The two words, when spoken, are indistinguishable. After uttering these words many times, I find the natural tendency is to pronounce 8766 Bramha 8767 . You can try it with other people.

I came across this debate just today and was delighted to note that there are so many fans of Lata & C. Ramchandra combination like myself. I consider the songs of this pair as sweetest of them all, pure honey. I am familiar with all songs listed and would like to add a few which do not appear here but are as sweet.

Suman Kalyanpur created a niche for herself in the music has given us some songs which will be cherished it is a belated greetings yet it comes from the heart,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ,SUMANJI.

Raga: Bhupali Todi
O, zindagi ke denevale - Nagin

Raga: Bihag
Koi gata, main so jata - Alaap
Banke chakori gori, jhum jhum nachegi
Tere sur aur mere geet - Goonj Uthi Shahanai
Tere pyar men dildar - Mere Mehboob
Bole re surili boliyan - Grih Pravesh
Tum murli madhur bajao
Ai dil beqarar jhum - Shah Jahan
Hamare dilse na jana, dhokha na khana - Udan Khatola
Chalenge tir jab dil par - Kohinoor
Zindagi ke safar men gujar jate hain jo makam - Aap Ki Kasam
Pal bhar ki pahechan aapse - A non-film song by Manna Day
Yeh kya jagah hai doston - Umrao Jaan
Meri ladli re, meri ladli - Andaaz ( old )

A very common mistake most people do is in pronouncing Sanskrit words ending with a consonant with अकार. For example, सुखाय, हिताय, परित्राणाय etc. in which the last 8766 ya 8767 has to be stressed. Then, complex sandhi can be a nightmare. Interestingly, in French if a word ending with a soft consonant is followed by a word staring with a vowel, while speaking they are joined like a Sanskrit 8766 sandhi 8767 (but not in writing unlike Sanskrit).

That Sumanji had great talent is undisputed. her songs with almost all reputed music directors are testimony. I like songs from 8775 sabak 8776 Woh jidar dekh rahe hain and Barkha Bairan. Also her marathi songs are really very sweet. Actress sulochana 8767 s song from marathi movie 8775 Annapurna 8776 on ganeshji is very nice. Bhajans like Keshava Madhava are mesmerising. We have hearts big enough Lataji,Ashaji and Sumanji but also Geeta duttji or Shamshad Begum and Sudha Malhotra to name some who have followed to enthrall us.

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