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Baby wolf loom complete manual

Most of the coverlets in North America were woven between the end of the eighteenth century and the Civil War, by women in towns and on farms, and by professional weavers who brought with them from Europe a detailed knowledge of weaves and cloth structures necessary to create the popular geometric-patterned coverlets reproduced in these pages. Using the term star work to embrace the wonderful star, diamond and flower motifs that were beloved of the nineteenth century, and are equally appealing today, weaver Judith Gordon assembles here a collection of 85 coverlets, most Pennsylvania German in origin, and explains their history and construction.

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In this course you will learn the basic techniques of card weaving, how to measure the warp, thread the cards, set up and weave patterned bands and how to stitch bands together to form larger fabrics. This weaving technique involves simple tools, cardboard cards and yarn. Once the pattern is determined and the cards are threaded, the weaving goes very quickly. The technique offers unique richness of pattern and texture and produces sturdy and decorative fabrics.

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The primary focus of this monograph is to encourage the weaver to create original Overshot threadings. The many traditional Overshot patterns, so well-documented elsewhere will not be included here.

All the chapters are organized by yarn type, including short wool and down, medium fine wool, long wool and lustre, hill and mountain, rare wool, animal hair, silk, and vegetable fiber.

Like the rest of the Shuttle-Craft Guild Monographs , this is a classic analysis of a specific area of weaving by one of the foremost authorities.

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Just like its name, everything delicious is in one cake of this CYC 8 655% acrylic yarn. Beautiful color combinations, great stitch definition and enough yardage to make a baby blanket, shawl, or hat and cuff set. You will want to collect every colorway.

In this model study, superbly illustrated with rare or little seen photographs of the works themselves, Sigrid Wortmann Weltge recreates the atmosphere of creative excitement at the Bauhaus. Original archival research and interviews with survivors and their students, as well as with leading contemporary designers, detail the workshop's history and its enduring legacy: marvelous fabrics still being produced today. Bauhaus Textiles unearths the missing chapter in the story of the most important institution in the history of modern design.

The first part of the book explains all the general techniques that the reader will need, and shows how to put them into practice through step-by-step illustrations. It offers an overview of the fibers the reader is likely to work with, before moving on to the preparatory techniques of carding and combining fibers.

Color Works gives you practical, hands-on tools for using colours in nine crafts including knitting, spinning, weaving, quilting, surface design (including stenciling and rubber stamping), hand- and machine embroidery, beadwork and paper collage.